Leading your headoffice

Success in your business and private life may depend on how well you digest, handle and control information. Information helps determine your immediate actions and long-term plans. Knowledge and skill can boost your confidence and make you more effective in everything you do.

Back to Basics concepts provide Companies and Individuals with a complete solution for reading faster, enhancing personal memory capacity, and learning new information more effectively. The Brain Power and Understanding People courses/seminars will give you the skill, experience and equipment to not only help you survive in the Information Age, but place you ahead of your business competitors and personal associates. 

Brain Power

Brain Power is a course designed to help you with this. The time you spend with us you get to learn the following: 

  • basic techniques for increasing your reading-speed
  • techniques for mastering different types of reading
  • techniques for efficient note-taking
  • complete strategies for mastering new areas of knowledge
  • programs for keeping a high level of energy
  • simple techniques for memorizing large amounts of facts
  • complete systems for avoiding unnecessary reading
  • manuals to understanding your brain so you can work effortlessly 

One goal of this course is to double your reading-speed and to raise your level of comprehension and awareness while reading, memorizing, note taking and interacting with other people. All in all you get different techniques, strategies and methods that help you become very good at using your Brain Power. Use one of them and you will se immediate results; combine them and you will get absolutely astonishing results! 

 Understanding People - The Key to read yourself and others

The human brain has three parts: the brain stem, the limbic system, and the neo-cortex. The brain stem is responsible for our self-preservation and our primitive instincts. We are grateful to our limbic system for our sense of self-assertion; and the neo-cortex helps us plan and act with foresight.  

Every part of the brain is individually structured, and every person has from his or her birth an individually structured and original biostructure.  

In the Understanding People concept you will explore and visualize your individual biostructure of your brain. You will be pleasantly surprised at your newly discovered developmental potential. You will become aware of how your inborn nature is programmed and what effect that has on your outward life. 

Please contact Simone simone@backtobasicsutbildningar.se for further information!